from a team of Blizzard and Riot alumni comes the most delicious of all tower defense games

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Here's how it works

Gameplay screenshot
Place your tasty cake castle. Choose carefully, there are armies of ants on their way to steal a slice!
Gameplay screenshot
Take your time and plan your strategy. Build your maze from toast walls and methodically placed defenses.
Gameplay screenshot
Get ready to fend off swarms of bugs in real-time. Deploy workers to power-up your towers and Defend the Cake!

Gameplay Video

Key Features

Emperor Shellemane
  • 18 challenging levels, each introduces a new enemy to contend with

  • 6 unique defenses with 2 upgrades each

  • Can you top the leaderboard? Test your best defense in Score Attack!

  • Over 9,000 calories of fun

  • All the cake you can eat... WAIT NO!

Emperor Shellemane

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About the Team

Naomi Icon
  • Naomi Yee
  • Creative Designer
  • Loves: Food
  • Favorite Cake: Coconut Rum
  • Twitter:
Justin Icon
  • Justin Klinchuch
  • Technical Designer
  • Loves: Eating
  • Favorite Cake: Tiramisu
  • Twitter:
Toli Icon
  • Toli Carter
  • Technical Artist
  • Loves: Cooking
  • Favorite Cake: Blueberry Buckle
  • Twitter: